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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my windowsills?

How To Stop Your Cat from Scratchings Windowsills

For many pet owners, their cats can quickly destory parts of their homes by scratching windowsills.

Identifying the Cause

The first step to preventing windowsill scratching is to identify and understand why your cat is scratching in the first place. Cats scratch to:

  • Mark their territory.
  • Stretch and flex their bodies.
  • Remove the outer layer of their claws.

Finding Alternatives

Now that you know why your cat is scratching the windowsill, you can provide them with alternative options. Consider the following:

  • Scratching Posts and Boards: Provide your cat with a variety of sturdy scratching posts and boards for them to explore, and make sure to rotate through them regularly to keep their interest.
  • Cat Trees: Cat trees are a great way to give your cat a multi-level experience. Place the cat tree near the window so they can scratch and explore without damaging your windowsills.
  • Cat Nip Toys and Scratchers: There are a variety of toys and scratchers on the market that your cat may love, and you can also make your own. Add some cat nip to really stimulate your cats interest.


There are also deterrents you can invest in to keep your cat away from windowsills, such as double sided tape, citrus scented sprays and foil. You can also try rearranging furniture so windowsills are blocked from view.

By knowing why your cat is scratching and providing them with alternative scratching options, you can keep your windowsills in tiptop shape and you cat happy.

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