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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my windows?

How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Windows

Cats are notorious for scratching furniture, carpets and of course windows! This can be a source of frustration for many cat owners, not to mention the repair costs for broken windows. However, there are some easy steps you can take to prevent your cat from doing this and make your windows safe from claws!

Understand Why Cats Scratch Windows

Your cat may be scratching your windows for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Sharpening claws: Cats use scratching to remove the worn sheaths from their claws, which keeps them sharp.
  • Marking territory: Cats have glands located in their paws, and they secrete a pheromone when they scratch. This allows them to mark their territory.
  • Boredom or stress: Cats may be engaging in window scratching as a result of being bored or stressed out.

How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Windows

  • Provide an appropriate scratching post: Ensure that your cat has plenty of appropriate surfaces to scratch on. This could be a scratching post, scratching pad, or even a piece of cardboard. Make sure to place it in a spot where your cat likes to hang out so that it is convenient for them.
  • Trim your cat’s nails regularly: Trimming your cat’s nails will reduce the urge to scratch. Use cat nail trimmers or take your cat to the groomer to have their nails trimmed.
  • Redirect your cat: If your cat starts to scratch at the windows, try redirecting them to their scratching post or pad. You can also try placing double-sided tape or a plastic coating on the window frame to deter them from scratching.
  • Make use of deterrents: Place deterrents such as plastic rugs, citrus-scented sprays, and motion-activated devices near the windows to discourage your cat from scratching.
  • Introduce new toys and activities: Provide your cat with plenty of stimulating toys and activities so they can occupy themselves and avoid boredom. This could include catnip toy mice, laser pointers, or puzzle toys.
  • Visit the Veterinarian: If none of the above steps seem to be working, it may be time to take your cat to the veterinarian. Your vet can help determine if there are any underlying medical issues driving the window scratching behavior.


Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, but it doesn’t have to mean damaged windows! With a bit of understanding and effort, you can help your cat to stop scratching your windows and keep them safe for years to come.

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