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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my windows?

Stopping Your Cat’s Window Scratching

Do you find yourself frustrated with your cat’s scratching of the windows in your home? Scratching can be caused by a variety of things and can damage your windows, as well as be a nuisance. Here’s a few tips to help you stop your cat’s window scratching.

Distract Your Cat With Toys

You should provide your cat with a variety of toys to keep them entertained and their natural instincts stimulated. Playing with toys helps to provide mental and physical stimulation and will help distract them from scratching the windows.

Make Window Sills and Areas Around Windows Unappealing

You can try making areas around the windows unappealing so that your cat won’t be as likely to scratch there. You can do this by pushing double-sided tape onto window sills and using a spray-on repellent. You should be careful to never use something that could harm your pet.

Clip Their Claws

In most cases, it’s recommended to clip a cat’s claws every 4 weeks. By doing this, sharpness of the claws will be reduced, which will result in less damage when they scratch the window.

Provide An Alternative

Scratching posts and trees made for cats are the best alternatives for your cat’s scratching needs. You should pick something sturdy and tall enough for your cat to stretch and exercise on it. Make sure you provide positive reinforcements (like treats) when your cat uses the scratching post.

Contact A Professional

If you have tried all of the above tips and still haven’t had any success, it might be useful to contact your local veterinarian or animal behaviour specialist. They can assess the situation and even provide other tips on how to deter your cat from scratching your windows.

Overall, window scratching can be discouraging, but there are ways to prevent it. With the right approach and dedication to teaching your pet proper behaviour, you can stop your cat’s window scratching.

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