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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my wallpaper?

Stop Your Cat’s Wallpaper Scratching Habits

It can be incredibly frustrating if your cat is scratching the wallpaper of your house, leaving it damaged and in need of repair. However, thankfully there are some solutions to deter your cat from doing so. Here are our top tips.

Provide Alternative Surfaces to Scratch

Cats need to scratch things to sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of their claws. To give them a better surface to scratch, try to provide alternatives such as:

  • Scratching posts – Try to get a high-quality type that has a rough texture and low-pile carpet.
  • Cardboard boxes – Prevents the cats from scratching the wallpaper while they satisfy the natural urge to scratch.
  • Tape – Get double sided tape and place it on the wallpaper.

Cover Wallpaper with a Protective Film

Covers such as plastic or vinyl film can also work to stop your cat from scratching the wallpaper. This type of film is often used in office cubicles to prevent them from being damaged by pets.

Use a Deterrent Spray

Some owners find success in using commercial cat deterrent sprays. The idea is that your cat dislikes the smell of the spray and so avoids scratching the wallpaper.

Train Your Cat

This method, however, will require attitudes modification on your part. When you catch your pet scratching inappropriately, try to disrupt their behavior in some way. You could try clapping your hand or making a loud sound and then immediately diverting their attention with a toy. Remember to keep it up or it won’t work.

By following these steps, you will be able to prevent your cat from scratching your wallpaper. It may be difficult and take a while, but with a bit of patience, will eventually be rewarded with better-looking wallpaper.

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