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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my sneakers?

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Scratching My Sneakers?

Scratching can be a real issue when it comes to cats. In addition to furniture, cats can also be tempted to scratch clothing, shoes, and even sneakers. To stop your cat from scratching your sneakers, there are a few steps you can take.

Keep Your Shoes & Sneakers Out of Reach

Your cat loves to climb and explore and is likely drawn to the height of your shoes and sneakers. Keeping them out of reach can greatly reduce the chances of your cat scratching them. If you leave them on the floor, make sure they are far away from any furniture, since cats often chase objects that they can bat from their perch atop the couch or bed.

Provide Appropriate Scratching Posts

Cats have a natural inclination to scratch, so it is important to provide them with appropriate scratching posts or pads. These can help redirect your cats energy away from your sneakers and other furniture in the house. Additionally, it is a good idea to place these scratching posts or pads near the furniture your cats has been scratching on, as this will help make them more attractive to your cat.

Keep Your Cat Entertained

If your cat is bored, they are more likely to get into trouble. Make sure they have plenty of fun toys, scratching posts, and other activities that they can enjoy. This will help keep them distracted and less likely to turn your sneakers into their favorite scratching post.

Verbal Cues

When you catch your cat in the act of scratching, you should give it a firm “no” and then offer an appropriate alternative like a scratching post or toy. You can also offer verbal praise when you catch them scratching in an appropriate spot.

Nail Trims

Keeping your cats nails trimmed can also help discourage them from scratching your sneakers. You can trim their nails with special cat nail clippers or take them to a groomer for professional trimming.

Discourage Scratching

Using furniture spray or double-sided tape on your sneakers can help discourage your cat from scratching them. Additionally, gently holding your cat’s paws when they start scratching can also help break the habit.


With a bit of patience and training, it is possible to get your cat to stop scratching your sneakers. By providing appropriate scratching areas, keeping your shoes out of reach, and discouraging your cat from the behavior, you can help keep your sneakers and other furniture safe from your cats claws.

Good luck!

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