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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my slippers?

Getting Your Cat To Stop Scratching Your Slippers

Cats are by nature curious creatures and that curiosity sometimes leads them to scratching inappropriate objects. As frustrating as this can be, it’s important to remember that scratching is a normal behavior for cats, as they can’t retract their claws like some other animals can.

Understanding Scratching Behavior

Scratching can have a few different purposes for cats. It can be used as part of play behaviors, used to mark territory or to help shed the sheaths of their claws. With the combination of curiosity and an eagerness to explore, it’s no surprise that cats will often choose inappropriate objects such as your slippers as their scratching post.

So, how can you get your cat to stop scratching your slippers? The key is to provide alternatives that will keep your cat’s natural behaviors satisfied.

Providing Alternatives

The following are some alternatives that you can provide to keep your cat from scratching inappropriate objects such as your slippers:

  • A scratching post: Providing your cat with a sturdy scratching post can be a great way to redirect their scratching behavior. Ideally, place the post in an area that is close to your cat’s favorite resting spot. Make sure to place it on a stable surface, preferably one that won’t move. You may even want to add a toy or catnip to encourage your cat to use the post.
  • Foil or double-sided tape: You can put foil or double-sided tape on your slippers to deter your cat from scratching them. The sensation won’t be pleasant for your cat and they will likely avoid scratching your slippers in the future.
  • Treats: You can also reward your cat with treats when they avoid scratching your slippers. This will help them create a positive association with not scratching.


With these alternatives, you can get your cat to stop scratching your slippers and instead redirect their scratching behaviors to more appropriate areas. Remember to be patient with your cat, as it may take some time for them to learn to use the alternatives you’ve provided.

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