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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my slippers?

How to Get Your Cat to Stop Scratching Your Slippers

If you are a cat owner, there is a good chance you have experienced it before – your cute, furry friend has decided that your comfy slippers are the perfect thing to sharpen her claws on. Scratching furniture and slippers is natural, but it’s not something you would want your cat to continue doing.

Here are 4 tips for getting your cat to stop scratching your slippers:

1. Provide an Alternative Scratching Post

The most important thing is providing your cat with an alternative to your slippers. Cats have an instinct to sharpen their claws, so offering an attractive alternative that satisfies that instinct is the best way to stop them from scratching your slippers. Look for a scratching post that is sturdy, tall, and made from material your cat may find appealing (like sisal).

2. Keep Your Slippers Out Of Reach

If you don’t want your slippers to bear the brunt of your cat’s claws, then simply keep them out of your cat’s reach. This can be as easy as closing the door to the room where your slippers are, or putting them away in a drawer when they’re not being worn.

3. Encourage Good Scratching Behaviour

Whenever you catch your cat scratching the post, reward and praise her. This should help reinforce that scratching the post is the acceptable behaviour. And remember, never punish your cat for scratching inappropriately- this will only make her anxious, and could result in more destructive scratching behaviour.

4. Train Your Cat

Training is the best way to ensure your cat develops desirable scratching behaviours. Give her a reward every time you catch her scratching the post, and don’t forget to offer lots of praise! Over time, she will learn that scratching the post is the best way to get your attention.


Saving your slippers from your cat’s claws does not have to be an impossible task. With patience and a few simple steps, you can get your cat to stop scratching your slippers and start using the scratching post instead.

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