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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my slippers?

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Scratching My Slippers?

Having your cat scratch your slippers can be a real nuisance. Between the aggressive scratching and the holes in the fabric, it’s easy to see why this behavior needs to be stopped. Follow these simple tips to get your cat to leave your slippers in peace:

Provide A Scratching Post

The most important thing you can do is to make sure that your cat has plenty of places to scratch. Invest in a good quality scratching post – the taller, the better. Cats prefer surfaces they can really sink their claws into, so make sure it’s sturdy and covered with a material that your cat enjoys scratching.

Make Your Slippers Unattractive

The next step is to make your slippers unattractive to your cat. Cats mostly scratch to mark their territory – the scent from their claws is particularly pungent, so they naturally want to leave their scent in the places they deem important. To make your slippers less attractive,:

  • Spray them with water every time you notice your cat scratching them
  • Put foil or double-sided tape on the slippers – cats dislike the feel and sound of these materials
  • Sprinkle some citrus-scented cologne on the slippers – cats dislike citrus scents
  • Spray some Feliway Classic – this product contains natural calming pheromones that cats love and often causes them to avoid places where it’s sprayed

Distract Your Cat With Toys

If all else fails, you can also distract your cat with toys. Invest in some fun new cat toys, like crinkle balls and rolling mice. Place those toys near your slippers and see if your cat will take the bait.


By providing your cat with a good scratching post and making your slippers unattractive, you should be able to effectively get your cat to stop scratching them. Of course, cats can be stubborn and it might take some time to train them, but a little patience and determination will go a long way.

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