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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my sandals?

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Scratching My Sandals?

Having a pet cat can be great fun, however sometimes they can have a habit of scratching our belongings. If your beloved cat has taken a particular liking to your sandals, then read on for a few tips on how to stop them from doing this.

Distract them

The simplest way to distract your cat from scratching your sandals is to provide them with something else to do or scratch. This could be a scratching post, a cardboard box, a play toy, or anything else that may peak their interest instead.


If your cat is particularly passionate about your sandals, then you might want to consider getting them declawed. This means that their claws are surgically removed and it can be an effective way to keep them from scratching your sandals (or anything else).

Train Them

You may also want to try training your cat not to scratch your sandals. Whenever they go to do it, try to distract them and make sure they know that they’re doing something they shouldn’t. A simple phrase like “no” coupled with a firm voice should be enough to deter them.

Provide Alternatives

By providing your cat with other scratching options (or furniture sprays) you can keep them from going after your sandals. Make sure you provide plenty of options for them and rotate them out on a regular basis to keep them guessing.

Keep Your Sandals Out of Sight

If all else fails, then the simplest way to keep your cat from scratching your sandals is to keep them out of sight. Put them in a cupboard or closet and only take them out when you need to. That way they won’t be teased by the sight of them.

Following these simple tips should be enough to keep your cat from scratching your sandals, and give you peace of mind that your shoes are safe.


  • Distract them with play toys or a scratching post.
  • Consider Declawing if your cat loves your sandals too much.
  • Train Them to stay away from your sandals.
  • Provide Alternatives like furniture sprays or scratching posts.
  • Keep Your Sandals Out of Sight when not in use.

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