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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my sandals?

How to Stop your Cat from Scratching your Sandals

It can be quite annoying when your cat insists on scratching your favorite sandals. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to discourage it.

Create Alternatives

One of the best ways to prevent your cat from scratching your sandals is to provide something else to scratch, such as scratching posts and boards, or something made of cardboard. Place the posts and boards in prominent places so that your cat can easily find them when they’re feeling the urge to scratch.

Make Your Sandals Unappealing

There are also things that you can do to make your sandals less appealing to your cat. This includes making them unpleasant to the touch or taste, such as spraying them with a bitter fruit extract or an odorous substance that cats do not like. You can also make them difficult to access by keeping them out of your cat’s reach.

Train Your Cat

You can also use positive reinforcement to teach your cat to avoid scratching your sandals. When you catch your cat scratching your sandals, give it a stern “no” and redirect it to something else that’s suitable for scratching. Once it’s scratching the appropriate surface, give it a treat as a reward.

Utilize Repellents

There are also a few commercial cat scratching deterrents on the market that you can use to discourage your cat from damaging your sandals. These products typically contain citronella, lavender, or lemon essential oils that cats find unpleasant.

Final Thoughts

  • Create Alternatives: Provide your cats with scratching posts or boards.
  • Make Your Sandals Unappealing: Cover them with a substance that cats do not like, or keep them out of your cat’s reach.
  • Train Your Cat: Use positive reinforcement to teach it to avoid scratching your sandals.
  • Utilize Repellents: Use cat scratching deterrents to discourage the behavior.

By following the above steps, you can help to keep your cats away from your sandals and avoid any damage.

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