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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my pumps?

Ways to Get Your Cat to Stop Scratching Your Pumps

Having your beloved cat ruin your favourite pair of pumps can be incredibly frustrating. But with a little patience and creativity, it is possible to teach your cat to keep their focus off of your shoes and furniture. Here is a guide on how to do just that:

1. Provide Alternative Scratching Post

Cats like to scratch when they need to mark their territory, groom their claws, or stretch out. Provide your cat with an alternative scratching post or pad to keep them away from your furniture and shoes. Ensure you place the scratching post in a prominent space and provide some positive reinforcement every time your cat goes to use it.

2. Deter Thoughtful Redirection

If you catch your cat in the act of scratching your furniture or shoes, clap your hands, call their name, and lead them over to their designated scratching post. This is a great way to ensure your cat knows that their behavior is not acceptable and to steer them towards the alternate scratching option.

3. Invest in Repellents and Citrus Scents

You can purchase cat repellents from pet stores or online to spray on your furniture and shoes. Additionally, you can use citrus scents as natural, odorless repellents. Your cat is likely to be repelled by the smells and will avoid the furniture and shoes that are sprayed with the repellents.

4. Trim Your Cat’s Nails

Reduce the sharpness of your cat’s claws by regularly trimming them. This will reduce their temptation to scratch your furniture and shoes. Additionally, make sure to frequently provide your cat with objects they can properly groom their nails on such as wooden toys or logs.

5. Create Positive Reinforcement

Make sure to give your cat plenty of positive reinforcement when they use their scratching post and stay away from the furniture and shoes. You can offer them treats or special play time when they use the appropriate scratching surface.

In conclusion, it is possible to keep your cat from destroying your furniture and pumps by providing them with a proper scratching post, deterring them away from the furniture and pumps with repellents and citrus scents, regularly trimming their nails, and providing positive reinforcement when they use the designated scratching surface. With some patience and lots of practice you and your cat will be able to keep your furniture and shoes intact.

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