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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my pumps?

How to Discourage Your Cat from Scratching Your Pumps?

We all know cats are curious by nature so it is possible they might get tempted to scratch your shoes. From sneakers to pumps, cats can wreak havoc on your footwear and this can be a major problem. If you’re wondering how to get your cat to stop scratching your pumps, then there’s a way out!

Try These Tips and Tricks for Discouraging Your Cat from Scratching Your Pumps

  • Provide Alternatives for Your Cat: Offer your cat plenty of scratching posts or alternative surfaces that she can scratch instead, like cardboard scratching. This way, you can encourage them to use their claws on appropriate objects and away from your shoes.
  • Keep Your Shoes Out of Sight: One of the simplest solutions can be to keep your shoes tucked away out of sight as cats are generally attracted to things they can see. This means to store your pumps in closed shoe closet.
  • Spread Deterrents around the Shoes: To discourage your cat from coming near your shoes, you can use catnip, citrus-based sprays, double-sided tape, aluminum foil or motion-activated water sprayers.
  • Provide Good Quality & Comfort for Your Shoes: Cats are instinctively attracted to soft materials, which means they can be drawn to soft, fuzzy footwear, particularly new shoes. Invest in high-quality, comfortable and durable shoes to avoid attracting cats.
  • Play with Your Cat: Spend some time playing with a toy to distract your cat and give them something else to focus on and enjoy. This can redirect their interest away from your footwear.

It is possible to keep your cat’s claws away from your shoe collection. With a little prevention, you can create a safe environment for both your pet and your shoes. Following these tips can help you get started!

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