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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my loafers?

How do I get my Cat to Stop Scratching my Loafers?

Cats are a wonderful addition to any family, but their sharp claws and the tendency to scratch everything they find can cause havoc. If your feline is particularly fond of your expensive leather loafers, you’ll need to take steps to stop them from destroying them. Here’s some advice on how to manage your cat’s scratching behavior.

1. Invest in a Cat Scratching Post

The most important thing you can do to discourage your cat from shredding your loafers is to provide them with their own scratching post. Cats naturally scratch to keep their claws healthy and strong – they won’t think twice about shredding your fabulous loafers in the process. A good scratching post should be tall and offer your cat a variety of surfaces to scratch away at. It’s a good idea to place the post in a visible, accessible area that your cat will see every time he walks past.

2. Trim Your Cat’s Nails

Regrettably, your best defense against scratched loafers isn’t always a scratching post. Another way to curtail damage from your cat’s claws is to keep their nails trimmed. This will stop them from extending when their instinct to scratch something takes hold. Trimming your cats’ nails should be done every 1-2 months and should be done by a professional in a stress-free atmosphere. This is an especially good solution if your cat isn’t keen on using a scratching post.

3. Use a Discouraging Spray

Home remedies like double-sided tape, aluminum foil, citrus scents, and wrapped plastic containers tend to be short-term fixes at best. A deterrent spray (available from pet shops) can provide an effective, longer lasting solution. Simply spritz the corners of your floors and furniture that your cat likes to scratch and they’ll soon back out. There’s also the option of using a spray specifically designed for furniture, which will also make your couch far less appealing for scratching.

4. Give Your Cat Enough Attention and Exercise

Spending time playing and cuddling with your cat can do wonders for your relationship and keep them from scratching at your leather loafers out of boredom. Take care to provide your feline with plenty of stimulating toys and activities to clue them into when it’s play time. A quiet, well-fed cat is far less likely to target your footwear for scratching…and far more likely to keep that loving bond between you two.


As cats make great companions, it’s up to you to make them understand where they’re allowed to scratch and where they’re not. Investing in a scratching post and getting into the routine of trimming their nails will fix this issue in no time. If all else fails, use a deterrent spray to make it clear that expensive leather loafers are off limits. With a little patience and dedication, you can help your cat steer clear of your favorites shoes and keep them safe for many years to come.

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