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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my loafers?

How do I get my Cat to Stop Scratching my Loafers?

Do you have a mischievous kitty who keeps destroying your favourite pair of loafers? Thankfully, there are a few tips to get your pet to keep its claws to itself!

Provide Them with Other Alternatives

The main reason cats scratch our furniture, walls, bed posts and – yes – shoes is because they don’t have anything else to scratch. Offer your cat an alternative destination such as a scratching post, cardboard box, a scratching toy or even an old rug. Anything that feels good to scratch should work. If you opt for a scratching post make sure to place it near the shoes your cat has been scratching and let them know it’s there.

Stay Calm

Cats can sense when their owners are getting mad. It’s a great idea to stay calm when your cat is scratching your shoes. If you get too angry, your cat might perceive it as play and cause more harm. Moreover, it’s a good idea not to scold your cat in any way, as it could make the problem worse.

Manage Access

Another way to keep your cat from touching your shoes is to simply make them off-limits. Placing your shoes in inaccessible places around the house or even in a closet can help keep them safe. You could even put out double-sided sticky tape to the shoe or its surrounding surfaces to discourage scratching.

Use Deterrents

Using deterrents can help increase the chances of your cat staying away from your shoes. Here are some ideas:

  • Treats – When your cat is near your shoes, offer them a tasty treat. The positive reinforcement could help associate the shoes with a reward.
  • Herbs – There are certain plants or herbs with odors cats don’t like. Place small bunches of these plants or herbs near your shoes or spray a small amount of citrus-scented products. This should help keep kitty away.
  • Sound Deterrents – There are various sound deterrents cats don’t like. These devices usually emit a loud sound when your cat comes too close, but it won’t hurt them.

By following these tips, you can help your kitty stay away from your shoes and stop damaging them. However, it’s also important to provide your cat with outlets for their instinctual need to scratch.

Best of luck!

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