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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my loafers?

Teach Your Cat to Stop Scratching Your Loafers

If your cat loves to sharpen his claws on your favorite loafers, it can be extremely frustrating. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to ensure you maintain your beloved footwear and keep your feline companion happy at the same time.

Entertain Your Cat

One of the best ways to discourage your cat from scratching your loafers is to provide him with a suitable alternative. Make sure your cat has plenty of entertaining toys to play with so that he will be less likely to be bored and will be less likely to go for your shoes. Some great options for stimulating your cat include:

  • Catnip Toys – These can provide kittens and cats with endless hours of fun and entertainment.
  • Fishing Toy – This popular toy can be used to help strengthen the bond between you and your cat. The movements of the toy will help keep your cat engaged and amused.
  • Interactive Toys – Interactive toys like puzzles and treat balls can help keep cats occupied and occupy their minds. Plus, they will love the reward they get when they manage to solve the puzzles!

Habituate Your Cat

If you notice your cat in the act of scratching your loafers, immediately interrupt him and direct him to a suitable scratching post or designated area for scratching. Make sure to reward your cat for properly using his scratching post so that he understands this is the preferred spot for him to scratch.

Trim Your Cat’s Claws

Trimming your cat’s claws can also help to prevent them from scratching your loafers. Make sure to do so regularly and use special clippers specifically made for this purpose. Be extra careful when handling your cat’s paws and make sure to reward your cat after the trimming session finishes.

The Bottom Line

Your cat loves to scratch but hopefully, with these tips he will no longer be scratching your loafers. Making sure your cat has plenty of alternative toys and scratching furniture in your house is a great way to help your cat find alternative spots for his scratching activities. Keeping your cat’s claws trimmed can also be beneficial. With dedication, you can help teach your cat that your loafers are no longer a suitable scratching spot.

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