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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my high heels?

Tips To Get Your Cat To Stop Scratching Your High Heels

High heels are an important part of many people’s wardrobe and can be extremely expensive. Unfortunately, cats can find these shoes irresistible and as result, your lovely pair of high heels may become a favourite scratching post for your furry friend. To help get your cat to stop scratching your precious heels, follow these simple tips:

Provide a Suitable Alternative

Your cat will not just stop scratching your high heels overnight and so providing a suitable alternative for scratching is a must. There is a great range of cat scratching products available in pet stores, such as scratching posts and cardboard bashes. Encourage your cat to use the alternative by rubbing some cat nip or dangling a toy from it.

Deterrents Get Results

A good way to keep your cat away from your high heels is to make the area around them an unappealing destination. Keep your shoes in a place where you can spray some deterrents to discourage your cat, such as a shelf or an ottoman. There are many commercial cat deterrent sprays available, or you can make your own spray using a mixture of citrus, vinegar, and water.

Encourage Friendly Habits

Training your cat to do something else instead of scratching your high heels is a great way to encourage your cat to keep away from them. Try teaching your cat to use its claws on a suitable scratching post by rewarding them with treats when they do it.

Clipping Nails

It may be necessary to clip your cat’s nails regularly in order to stop them from scratching your high heels. When clipping your cat’s claws, make sure to do it on a surface that can provide enough traction, and use a proper nail clipper designed for cats.

Keeping your high heels safe from your cat’s claws doesn’t have to be difficult. With these simple tips, your cat may soon forget about your shoes and leave them alone!

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