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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my high heels?

How to Stop a Cat from Scratching High Heels

Having your cat scratching your high heels can be both annoying and costly. You might want to take preventative steps to avoid your cat from ever being able to do damage to your beloved expensive shoes. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your cat from scratching your high heels:

Provide an Alternative

  • Provide a scratching post – Offer your cat a scratching post to use instead of your high heels. Be sure to place the post in an area that your cat frequents such as near a chair or in a corner of the living room.
  • Give your cat plenty of attention – if your cat is feeling neglected, they may resort to scratching your shoes as a way to get attention.
  • Spray your shoes with a deterrent – If your cat is particularly stubborn, you can use a commercial ‘scat mat’ to deter them from scratching.

Take Preventative Measures

  • Keep your shoes in an area your cat can’t access – If your shoes are in a closet, it will be much harder for your cat to get to them.
  • Keep your shoes out of reach or on an elevated surface – This will prevent your cat from being able to reach or jump up to them.
  • Store your shoes in a shoe box or bag – This will make it less enticing for your cat.

By following these tips, you should be able to keep your cat from scratching your high heels. Keep in mind that prevention is key; once your cat starts scratching your shoes, it may become a habit that’s harder to break. Taking these measures will go a long way in helping to protect your shoes from being damaged by your cat.

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