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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my high heels?

How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Scratching My High Heels?

Do you have a cat that’s constantly scratching your expensive high heels? You’re not alone! Many cats love to scratch and engage in wild behavior, but it can be unnerving when they’re damaging our belongings. Here are some tips to stop your cat from scratching your high heels:

1. Provide your cat with scratching posts

Many cats tend to scratch objects around the house due to boredom, an urge to sharpen their nails, or often, to mark their territory. Providing your cat with scratching posts is a great way of meeting their needs in a much more acceptable way.

2. Discourage naughty behavior

Cats may be stubborn creatures, but you can discourage their naughty behavior by using a firm “no” and shooing them away from the area if you catch them in the act.

3. Make other objects more attractive

Make scratching posts more attractive than your high heels by rubbing catnip or spraying them with catnip spray. Be sure to focus on the post and reward your cat with a treat if they use it.

4. Cover objects with a towel

If you have leather high heels that are particularly prone to scratching, try covering them with a towel or a blanket. Cats typically don’t like scratching soft materials and this may redirect your cat’s attention.

5. Trim their nails

By trimming your cat’s nails regularly, it’ll lessen the risk of them scratching the furniture and your high heels.

Additional Tips to Prevent High Heel Damage:

  • Block off access to the area: Place your high heels in a closet or a room where your cat won’t have access.
  • Restrict playtime: Provide your cat with plenty of toys and playtime throughout the day when you’re able to supervise, to reduce their urge for wild behavior.
  • Keep things clean: Cats are sensitive creatures and they may be drawn to the smell of certain objects in your home. To reduce the need to mark their territory, be sure to keep things tidy.

While it may be difficult to get your cat to stop scratching your high heels, these tips can help you gain more control over your cat’s behavior. Just remember to be patient and consistent and your cat will learn to avoid the objects you want to protect.

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