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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my flip flops?

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Flip Flops

Flip flops are a popular and easy way to keep your feet cool and comfortable. But they can be a major target for your cat’s claws – not fun and certainly not healthy for your shoes! If you’re struggling with a cat that won’t keep their claws off your beloved flip flops, here are a few steps you can take to get them to stop:

Provide the Right Scratching Posts

Cats need to scratch for both mental and physical reasons. Providing appropriate scratching posts will help your cat do this without damaging your flip flops. Make sure the post is tall enough for your cat to stretch out, and add in a few of your cat’s favorite toys and treats.

Keep Shoes Out of Reach

Your cat might be drawn to your flip flops because they smell like you! To reduce temptation, keep any pairs of shoes that you don’t plan to wear securely stored. If you do wear your flip flops, change them out for socks once inside so your cat won’t have an attractive snack right in front of their face.

Praise, Don’t Punish

It’s no use trying to punish your cat after they’ve already targeted your shoes- they won’t make the connection. Instead, focus on praising them lavishly when they use the scratching post. That way, they’ll learn what behaviour is desired.

Add a Deterrent

If your cat is still refusing to keep their claws off your flip flops, then you may need to add a deterrent such as Feliway Spray, Bitter Apple, or citrus oil to the area. This should give your cat an unpleasant association with the area, discouraging them from scratching the flip flops again.

Groom Your Kitty

One of the primary reasons why cats scratch is to blunt and remove their claws. Regularly grooming your cat will help keep their claws blunt, reducing their need to scratch your shoes.


Getting your cat to stop scratching your flip flops is achievable with patience and consistency. With the right combination of scratching posts, praise, and a deterrent, you’ll soon have a much happier and scratch-free environment.

Things to remember:

  • Provide appropriate scratching posts for your cat
  • Keep flip flops securely stored when not in use
  • Focus on praising the desired behaviour rather than punishing
  • Add a deterrent if necessary
  • Groom your cat regularly

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