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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my face?

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Face

Cats are part of the family, and that often means they are literally in our faces. The downside of this closeness is that cats, in their enthusiasm, occasionally scratch our faces. If your cat has unconditional love for your face, here’s what you can do to protect it:

Train Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

A scratching post gives your cat an appropriate place to scratch. Make sure the post is sturdy so it won’t tip over, and position it next to wherever your cat likes to scratch. When your cat goes for your face, steer them to the post instead. Praise and reward them with treats when they use the post.

Discourage Your Cat From Scratching Your Face

Whenever you pet your cat, make sure to stop petting before they start to bite or scratch. Don’t allow your cat to sleep on your bed or furniture either, as that can incite them to scratch your face. If you do notice your cat beginning to scratch your face, firmly say ‘no’.

Provide Alternative Toys and Games

Cats love to play – give them various toys to use for play. Some of these may include wand toys, balls, jingle toys, treat puzzles, and catnip toys. Playing games with your cat can be fun, and help to alleviate their need to scratch.

Keep Your Cat’s Nails Trimmed

Sometimes, a cat may start to scratch your face as a result of long or sharp nails. Keep your cat’s nails trimmed regularly to help reduce the likelihood of a scratch.

Seek Veterinary Assistance If Necessary

If none of the above tips curb your cat’s enthusiasm for scratching your face, it may be a sign of underlying medical conditions. It is best to take your cat to the vet to rule out any medical causes.

Remember, cats love their humans. With patience and understanding, you and your cat can come to an understanding that doesn’t include face scratches.

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