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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my dress shoes?

How to Stop a Cat from Scratching Your Dress Shoes?

Are your dress shoes constantly being scratched by your cat? If that’s the case, there are thankfully ways to keep your feline friend from scratching your shoes.

Discourage the Behavior

The first step in preventing your cat from scratching your dress shoes is to discourage the behavior. Begin by using a negative reinforcement such as a spray bottle filled with room temperature water. When you catch your cat scratching your shoes, spritz it with water and firmly tell it “no”. The negative punishment that the water provides helps remind your cat that this is unwanted behavior. Additionally, you can clap your hands or give a loud verbal “no” when you catch your cat scratching your shoes.

Keep your Shoes Out of Reach

Cats tend to scratch what they can access, so keeping your shoes out of reach can be a helpful way of preventing your cat from scratching them. Place shoes in a securely shut closet or use shoe boxes with a secure lid. You can also incorporate a scratching post or consider switching to a pair of shoes that aren’t as enticing to your cat such as rubber-soled or even fabric sneakers.

Provide an Alternative

Cats are naturally hardwired to scratch, so providing an alternative can curb this natural instinct and help prevent your cat from scratching your dress shoes. A scratching post is a great addition to any home with a cat and can help to keep your cat away from your shoes. Additionally, you can use a catnip spray to make the scratching post more enticing for the cat and help to redirect it from your dress shoes.

Reward Good Behavior

The best way to reinforce good behavior is to reward your cat with treats or food. The reward system helps encourages your cat to understand that scratching your dress shoes leads to negative repercussions, while scratching a scratching post leads to positive outcomes.

By using the methods outlined above, you can successfully keep your cat from scratching your shoes. Include your cat in the process by incorporating petting and verbal praises when they use the scratching post instead of your dress shoes. Staying consistent is key and will help you obtain the behavior you are looking for in the long run.

Final Tips:

  • Discourage the Behavior
  • Keep your Shoes Out of Reach
  • Provide an Alternative
  • Reward Good Behavior

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