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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my dress shoes?

How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching Dress Shoes

Cats are often confused as being aloof and not loving their owners. Put simply, they just show it differently. One way your cat might show affection to you is by scratching your dress shoes. While this is cute, it can quickly become damaging and need to be addressed. Here are some tips on stopping your cat from scratching your dress shoes.

1. Playing with Your Cat

One way to redirect your cat’s attention from scratching your dress shoes is to play with them. Spend as much time as possible playing with toys and engaging your cat’s mind. Show them what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. Refocusing your cat’s attention away from your shoes will help them understand that scratching isn’t something you want them to do.

2. Desensitize Your Cat to Your Shoes

Start by introducing your footwear to your cat gradually. Let them get comfortable with seeing your shoes and allowing them to sniff them. Show your cat you don’t mind them near your shoes but you don’t approve of any type of destructive behavior.

3. Stop Smells Attracting Your Cat

Your cats may also be attracted to certain scents on your shoes. Shoes are often made with materials that emit a strong odor which cats may be attracted to. Make sure to regularly clean your shoes in order to remove any smells that could be attracting your pet.

4. Reward Good Behaviour

Make sure to reward your cat when they exhibit good behavior such as not scratching your dress shoes. Provide your cat with treats or praise to help them continue exhibiting desirable behavior. This will help them understand that scratching your shoes is not an acceptable way to express their affection.

5. Products to Deter your Cat

There are also a variety of products available that are designed to deter cats from scratching certain surfaces. These products often contain tastes or scents that cats dislike that can be used to protect your dress shoes from being scratched.


Ultimately, getting your cat to stop scratching your dress shoes is a process that requires time, patience and consistent reinforcement. Try out the tips above and eventually your cat will know better than to damage your footwear.

Good luck!

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