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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my doorframes?

How to Stop Cat from Scratching Doorframes

Scratching is a common behavior among cats of all ages. While it isn’t always constructive, it is a natural instinct and part of their way of communication. If your cat is scratching the doorframes in your home, there are ways to stop them and discourage the behavior that don’t involve declawing.

Provide Them with Alternatives

Your cat needs somewhere suitable to scratch. To discourage them from scratching your furniture, provide them with alternatives such as scratching posts, cardboard boxes, and other activities that they can do with their claws. Give them a place to scratch that is out of the way and also provide them with a special place that they can claim as their own.

Discourage the Behavior

Making a loud noise when your cat starts scratching will startle them, and discourage them from continuing. Try saying ‘no’ or ‘boo’ when they begin scratching the doorframe, and gently guide their paws towards the scratching post instead.

Make the Doorframe Unappealing

As cats don’t like to feel sticky surfaces, you can make your doorframes unappealing by placing double-sided sticky tape on it. Be sure to monitor your cat and how they behave around the sticky tape. You can also use aluminum foil, a spray bottle filled with water, or citrus scents.

Recreate the Feeling of Scratching

For some cats, scratching does not just help them mark their territory but is also a form of self-care. It helps to remove old outer layers of their paws and claws and lets their claws grow out stronger and healthier.

You can replicate this behavior by using a cat claw clipper or grinder, and help trim their nails. With this option, your cat can still have the benefits of scratching while also not destroying your home furniture.

Final Thoughts

Cats are naturally inquisitive and scratching is one way to explore their surroundings. With these steps, you can find a way to make your furniture less appealing to your cat and have a more positive outcome that encourages their natural behavior. With the right training methods, understanding and patience, you can eventually stop your cat from scratching your doorframes.


  • Provide them with alternatives;
  • Discourage the behavior;
  • Make the doorframe unappealing;
  • Recreate the feeling of scratching.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your cat should never be scolded or punished for scratching behavior. If your cat is still scratching your doorframes, talk to your vet or contact a behavior specialist for further advice.

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