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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my clothes drying rack?

How to Stop a Cat from Scratching your Clothes Drying Rack?

Cats have an instinct to scratch and as a result, your new clothes drying rack may have become an easy target for them. Scared of getting your favorite outfit ruined or the rack scratched beyond rescue? Here are some steps to keep your cat away from the drying rack:

Provide Alternatives

Cats need to scratch for different reasons. If your cat has settled upon your clothes drying rack, then provide alternatives for them to scratch on:

  • Place a scratching post near an area where your cat likes to hang out.
  • Make sure the post is securely placed and stable.
  • Encourage your cat to use the post by rubbing catnip on it.
  • Provide cardboard scratchers that can be easily moved between rooms.
  • Put a few treats on the scratcher to entice your cat.

Cover the Surface

A quick and easy way to make sure that your clothes drying rack doesn’t become your cat’s scratching post is to cover the surface. Place a sheet or a small rug or any fabric covering over the rack that cats don’t like.

Keep them Out of Room

The last resort would be to limit your cat’s access to the room. If they don’t come in the room, they can’t scratch your drying rack. Close the door to the room and put a “no entry” sign. When you want to use the room, open the door just a crack and supervise your cat’s activities to make sure they are not scratching on the rack.

By following these steps, you can protect your clothes drying rack from your cat’s scratching. Keep in mind that cats can’t help it as scratching is a natural behavior for them. With your guidance and patience, eventually your cat will learn that scratching their scratching post and other alternatives is more appropriate.

Good luck!

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