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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my clothes drawers?

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Clothes Drawers

Cats can be very playful and may end up scratching your clothes drawers, especially if they’ve gotten used to using it as a scratching post. Although this behavior can be annoying, there are some steps you can take to discourage the behavior and keep your drawers free of scratches.

Provide a suitable scratching post

The best way to keep your cat from scratching your drawers is to give her a sturdy scratching post she can use. Cats love to scratch and it is a natural behavior for them, so it’s important to give them something that they can scratch without damaging your furniture.

Redirect their attention

If your cat is already showing an interest in the drawers, you can try to distract her by giving her a toy or by playing with her. This will show her that she can have fun without scratching your drawers and will discourage her from continuing the behavior.


If these methods fail to keep your cat away from the drawers, you can also use deterrents. Double-sided tape or foil can be used to make the drawers unappealing to your cat. You can also try using a spray bottle with spritzes of water, or placing a noisy object near the drawer.

Finally, you can also try using cat repellent spray. These sprays typically contain scents that cats find unpleasant and will help to keep her away from the drawers.

Reward good behavior

Once your cat has stopped scratching the drawers, be sure to reward her with a treat or an extra special toy. This will encourage her to continue with the good behavior, so that your drawers can stay free from scratches.


Although cats can be mischievous, you can help to keep your drawers scratch-free with positive reinforcement and the right deterrents. With these steps, you can help to keep your cat from scratching your drawers, and protect them from getting scratched up.

Here’s a quick list of steps you can take to stop your cat from scratching your drawers:

  • Provide a suitable scratching post.
  • Redirect your cat’s attention to something else.
  • Discourage the behavior with deterrents.
  • Reward your cat for not scratching the drawers.

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