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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my clothes baskets?

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Clothes Baskets

Cats love to scratch—it’s natural behaviour, and in almost all cases, it’s conducive to the wellbeing of cats. But, when they start scratching items around the home, it can be frustrating, such as clothes baskets. follows these tips to stop your cat from scratching your clothes baskets:

Provide a Scratching Post

The best way to divert your cat’s attention from your clothes baskets is to provide them with a designated scratching post. Cats need to scratch to reduce stress, exercise and mark territory. There are many commercial scratching posts available, so consider what would work best for your cat. Some cats prefer spacious posts, while others prefer more enclosing spaces.

Make Existing Scratchers Unappealing

For cats who prefer to scratch furniture and other items, you can make your clothes baskets less appealing. Consider using sticky, double-sided tape or thick plastic sheeting to deter your cat from scratching. Covering the area with a heavy fabric or blanket can also help.

Encourage Positive Scratching Behaviour

If your cat is already scratching at your clothes baskets, the best thing to do is redirect the behaviour by praising your cat and providing treats when they use the designated scratching post. You can also make the post more appealing by sprinkling catnip on it or adding toys near it. Aim to make the post an inviting and fun environment for your cat.

Tips for Success

  • Be consistent: Make sure you are consistent in enforcing your scratching rules and using positive reinforcement right away when your cat scratches the furniture.
  • Keep the post interesting: Periodically switch out toys and rearrange the post to keep it interesting for your cat.
  • Provide your cat with outlets: Utilise other sources of enrichment like puzzles, cat trees, and laser pointers to give your cat more outlets.

By following these steps, your cat should be able to satisfy their natural urge to scratch without causing extensive damage to your clothes basket. With consistent reinforcement of scratching rules and the presence of a targeted scratching post, you can keep your cat away from your clothes baskets.

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