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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my blinds?

Instructions on How to Stop Cats From Scratching Your Blinds

Cats are well-known for their tendency to scratch things. If not guided in the right direction, they can wreak havoc on your furniture, carpets, and window coverings. If your cat has taken to scratching your blinds, there are some steps you can take to thwart their desire.

Create a Positive Environment

Turn the area around your window into a positive environment for your cat:

  • Provide a scratching post or other acceptable avenue for your cat to scratch their claws
  • Give treats when your cat scratches a designated area
  • Provide positive reinforcements through visual cues and praise to reinforce good behavior

Protect Your Blinds

If all else fails and your cat continues to scratch your window coverings, you may need to take some protective measures:

  • Cover the Blinds: Cover the edges of your blinds with material like double-sided tape to ensure that your cat can’t access them.
  • Replace the Blinds: Invest in a cat-resistant curtain or blinds to prevent your cat from being able to access them.
  • Train Your Cat: Train your cat to stay away from your blinds by using a no-touch command and rewarding them for following the command.

Ultimately, the key to stopping your cat from scratching your blinds is to provide them with a safe and satisfying scratching alternative. With patience and time, you will likely be able to break your cat’s bad scratching habits and protect your blinds in the process.

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