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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my bedspread?

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Bedspread

Does your cat have a habit of scratching your bedspread? It can be an annoying and potentially costly habit that needs to be stopped! Fortunately, there are a few options you can take to help keep your cat from scratching your bedspread.

Using Deterrents

There are a few products available that can serve as deterrents to your cat scratching your bedspread.

  • Scratch deterrent spray: This spray works by creating a scent that cats find unpleasant. All you have to do is spray it on your bedspread and it will help send the message that this is not a spot for scratching.
  • Double sided tape: You can place a strip of double-sided tape to the area that your cat is scratching the most. Cats don’t like the feeling of the sticky side of the tape and consequently will stop scratching there.
  • Citrus-scented objects: You can place citrus-scented objects on the bedspread where your cat usually scratches. Cats also don’t like the scent of citrus, so it will repel them.

Positive Reinforcement and Redirection

Positive reinforcement and redirection are also great ways to help stop your cat from scratching any of your bedding.

  • Redirection: Whenever you catch your cat going for the bedspread, redirect them to another area of the house or a scratching post you have available. With enough repetition, you may be able to reinforce better scratching habits away from the bedspread.
  • Positive reinforcement: As long as your cat is following the rules you have set and scratching appropriate places, reward him/her with treats and praise. This will help your cat learn that they receive rewards when they scratch appropriate places.


It can be difficult trying to get your cat to stop scratching your bedspread, but with enough time, patience and consistency you should be able to achieve the results you’re looking for.

If all else fails, you may have to invest in a high quality scratching post or other cat scratching items to keep your cat from scratching your bedding.

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