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How do I get my cat to stop scratching my baseboards?

How do I Get my Cat to Stop Scratching My Baseboards?

If your cat has taken a liking to scratching up your baseboards, you might be feeling frustrated and at a lost for what to do. Scratching is a normal behavior for cats, and it is important for them to be able to scratch to groom their claws and for stress relief. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to promote your cat to scratch an appropriate area, and discourage them from scratching your furniture.

Use a Cat Scratching Post

The best way to get your cat to stop scratching your baseboards is to provide an appropriate scratching post. This can be a tall post wrapped in sisal, or a horizontal cardboard scratching item, the choice is yours. Place the scratching post near the area they usually scratch and reward them with treats when they use it. You can also use catnip spray on the post to make it more appealing to your cat.

Cover the Baseboard

If your cat keeps returning to the same spot to scratch, then covering it can help discourage them. You may want to try covering with a thick material that cats don’t like, such as aluminum foil or double-sided sticky tape.

Trim Your Cat’s Claws

Another option is to trim your cat’s claws regularly to reduce scratching. Place your cat in your lap and use a claw trimmer to snip off the sharp points. If you are nervous about trimming your cat’s claws yourself, your vet or a groomer can do it for you.


It is important that you understand why scratching is such an important behavior for cats so that you can better discourage them from damaging your furniture. By providing a scratching post, covering the baseboards, and trimming your cat’s claws, you can encourage them to scratch in permissible places.

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