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How do I get my cat to stop jumping on my bed?

How To Keep Your Cat From Jumping On Your Bed

It can be incredibly annoying when your cat keeps jumping on your bed. You can’t get a good night’s rest and the cat seems to ignore your protests. So how do you get your cat to stop jumping onto the bed? Here are a few tips you can use:

1. Make the Bed Unattractive

It can be difficult to get a cat to not jump onto a comfortable and warm bed. By making the bed unattractive, your cat will be less likely to jump up. This can include sprinkling your bed with a citrus- or menthol-based product, which cats generally dislike.

2. Provide an Alternative

Giving your cat something else to jump onto can be a great solution. You can place their cat tree, bollow scratching post, or carpet-covered steps near the bed. They will have a designated place to relax and you won’t have to share your bed.

3. Praise Good Behavior

Let your kitty know when they show good behavior. If they stay off the bed, give them a tasty treat, a few strokes, and some affection. With consistency, you can help your cat understand what behaviors you appreciate and what behaviors you don’t.


It can be difficult to get your cat to stay off your bed, but with these methods you’ll soon be sleeping soundly with no furry interuptions. With patience, consistency, and treats your cat will learn to stay off the bed. You won’t need to yell at them or shove them off the bed anymore – they’ll stay off on their own!

Now, you can start getting a good night’s rest.

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