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How do I get my cat to stop following me everywhere?

How to Stop Your Cat from Following You Everywhere

If your cat follows you around everywhere, it can be an adorable but annoying phenomenon. While it’s nice to have companionship, you may want to reclaim some of your own personal space. So, how can you get your cat to stop following you everywhere?

1. Offer Alternatives

Your cat is used to you as a source of fun and entertainment. Try providing alternative entertainment options to redirect their focus. For instance, you can give your cat a toy to play with, set up a play structure for them, or purchase an interactive pet toy that requires some puzzle solving. Interacting with these new toys or objects will give your cat something else to focus their attention on and make seek out your company less often.

2. Set Boundaries

Another way to to get your cat to stop following you around is to set boundaries. If they’re in a room they shouldn’t be in, such as your bedroom, politely tell them “no” and shut the door until they go away. If they meow, give it some time until they move on and don’t open the door. This will help your cat understand that they are not allowed to go everywhere you are.

3. Monitor Your Body Language

Your cat is likely following you around because they pick up on positive body language from you. If you show them affection and make eye contact when they follow you, it’ll reinforce the behaviour. Instead, you can try to resist the urge to make eye contact or pet them when they’re trailing you. This will help them understand that following you around isn’t the best way to get your attention.

4. Give Affection When Not Following You

When your cat isn’t following you, give them affection and rewarding attention. Pet them, talk to them, and give them a treat when they seem to be be resting and not bugging you to come with them. This way, your cat will associate the rewarding activity of playing and getting affection with being in one place (ie. not following you around).

5. Provide an Escape

If all else fails and your cat still follows you around, provide them with an escape. Create an area that they can retreat to, such as a pet bed or a cozy shelf they can get to when they need quiet time. Cats need places that they can feel safe and comfortable in, and this will give them some sense of security when they feel like they need to get away.

Final Thoughts

No one likes to be followed around, cats included! With these tricks, you can help your cat understand that you still love them, but that they don’t need to trail you everywhere. Soon, your cat will get used to their own pattern and begin to respect your personal boundaries.

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