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How do I get my cat to stop following me everywhere?

How To Prevent Your Cat From Stalking You

Cats are among the most loyal companions any pet parent could wish for. Unfortunately, sometimes they can go too far in their loyalty. If your furry friend seems to follow you around all the time, you may need to take a few steps to prevent your cat from stalking you.

1. Playtime Stimulation

If your cat has a lot of energy to burn, they may follow you around in pursuit of play or attention. Combat this unwanted behavior by providing them with plenty of stimulating activities. Invest in some toys, such as feathered wand toys, that require your participation for extra bonding time.

2. Create Cat Zones

Cats are incredibly territorial creatures and tend to claim “zones” as their own. Create one or two cat zones by placing pet beds or scratching posts around the house. Your cat will begin to understand where they are supposed to stay, reducing the desire to follow you around.

3. Spend Time Outside the House

If you often spend time with your cat indoors, it is likely to develop a habit of following you around. And the best way to break this habit is to give your cat more space by spending more time out of the house. Make sure to provide them with opportunities to explore indoors with toys and scratching posts to keep them entertained.

4. Give Them Space

Your cat needs to understand that it can’t always be in your presence. Whenever possible, provide your feline friend with a space of their own to rest or sleep in. This will give them a sense of security and independence, and reduce the desire to follow you.

5. Give Them Attention on Their Conditions

Although cats crave attention, they prefer to get it in their own terms. When they demand your attention, make sure to give it to them only when they are calm and quiet. This will help them understand that they should not try to interfere in your activities and that they will get the attention they crave when they act patiently.

Taking these simple steps will help you prevent your cat from stalking you and let them enjoy the personal space they need and deserve. Just remember to give them plenty of love and attention, keep their environment stimulating and make sure they have their own personal space. That way, your loyal companion will be happier and won’t follow you around all the time!

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