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How do I get my cat to stop eating plants?

How to Keep Your Cat from Eating plants

Cats are adorable and curious creatures that love to explore their environment. Unfortunately, that sometimes means they will munch on your houseplants. If you have a cat that loves to eat plants, here are some tips to help discourage them from doing so:

Create an Unattractive Environment

  • Cover the soil with foil, plastic, or pine cones. The texture and taste of the soil will be unappealing to your cat and they will soon learn to avoid it.
  • Add chili flakes to the soil. Cats do not like the smell and taste of spicy food so sprinkling chili flakes in the soil can help keep them away.
  • Use a citrus-scented spray. Cats have a heightened sense of smell and will be deterred by the citrus spray.

Provide Alternative Snacks

  • Offer your cat edible treats. Cats are known for loving food, so offer them a snack whenever they approach the plants. This will teach them that the plants are off-limits, but that there are delicious treats to be had if they stay away.
  • Introduce new plants. Some cats may angle for your attention by nibbling on your plants. Try introducing a new plant that has a different scent, texture, or taste. Your cat may be more interested in exploring the new plant than the one they have been eating.
  • Keep plants out of reach. Use shelves, tables, or hanging planters to keep plants away from your cat’s reach. This may be the easiest solution to keeping your cat away from the plants.

By following these tips, you will be able to keep your cat away from your plants and make sure they stay happy and healthy.

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