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How do I get my cat to stop climbing on my furniture?

5 Tactics for Stopping Unwanted Furniture Climbing in Cats

If your cat has a habit of climbing on your furniture, it’s time to take action. Otherwise your couch and other upholstered items could quickly become scratching posts and even become unsafe from damage. Here are 5 tactics that can stop an unwanted furniture climbing habit in cats:

1. Provide An Alternative Cat Climb

  • Position cat scratchers and posts near the furniture.
  • Give your cat plenty of vertical space in your home.
  • Reward them with treats when they use their post or scratcher.

2. Make Furniture Unappealing

  • Cover furniture arms and back with pieces of sandpaper, aluminum foil, or bubble wrap.
  • Invest in products made from bitter apple or other repellants.
  • Spray vinegar, citrus, and even citrus-scented essential oils where cats are climbing.

3. Distract Your Cat to Reduce Desire to Climb

  • Play with your cat for a few minutes a few times a day.
  • Provide interactive toys that your cat can play with.
  • Enrich their environment with new activities, such as window boxes, feeding stations, and stimulating areas.

4. Use Cat Deterrents

  • Release a loud noise or spray of water when your cat approaches the furniture.
  • Install a motion-activated deterrent.
  • Try double sided tape or non-slip mats on furniture to make it uncomfortable to climb on.

5. Correct Unwanted Behaviour

  • Interrupt the unwanted behaviour with a verbal command.
  • Reward your cat promptly when they respond to the verbal command.
  • Be consistent and persistent in your corrections.

By using one or more of these tactics, you can reduce the likelihood of your cat climbing on your furniture. With time and practice, your cat should learn these new rules and respect them.

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