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How do I get my cat to stop climbing on my furniture?

How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Climbing on My Furniture?

Cats are very independent creatures, and they love to climb. Unfortunately, when they start jumping and climbing on your furniture, they can add a lot of wear and tear which can cost you money in repairs or replacements. So, how do you get your cat to stop climbing on your furniture?

Provide Alternatives

The first step to curbing your cat’s desire to use your furniture as a climbing post is to provide alternative places for them to climb. You can purchase special cat trees and scratching posts for your cat, or you can even make your own. Just remember to provide a variety of posts and platforms for your cat to explore so they don’t get bored.

Make Your Furniture Unattractive

Your cat may find your furniture attractive for a variety of reasons. For example, leather furniture may be appealing for scratching or fabrics may provide good traction for their claws. To make the furniture less attractive, try covering the furniture with a sheet or blanket that your cat won’t like to climb or scratch. You can also try using double-sided tape or a spray deterrent to discourage them from climbing your furniture.

Create Distractions

When your cat is drawn to your furniture, try distracting them with an alternative activity. You can provide cat toys, bat-at toys, or other interactive toys. You can also give them treats when they play with the toys in an effort to encourage them to keep away from the furniture.

Train Your Cat

Training your cat is another way to help keep them away from your furniture. You can start by teaching them simple commands like “sit”, “leave it”, and “come”. You can also use positive reinforcement when your cat does the right thing.


Getting your cat to stop climbing on your furniture will take patience and persistent training.Providing them with alternative places to climb, making your furniture unattractive, distracting them with toys and treats, and training them are all great ways to help encourage your cat to stay away from your furniture.

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