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How do I get my cat to stop biting my slippers?

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Biting My Slippers?

Cats are known to be playful and adventurous, but sometimes this behavior can lead to naughty habits like biting your slippers. While this may be an annoying habit, there are steps you can take to help your cat stop biting your slippers.

1. Safely Move Your Slippers Out of Reach

The first step to curbing your cat’s bad habit is to simply move your slippers out of reach. Cats may bite them out of curiosity and playfulness, so putting them away is an effective first step in reducing the temptation.

2. Interrupt the Behavior Immediately and Calmly

If you can’t always keep your slippers away, make sure you take action right away when you catch your cat biting them. Interrupt the behavior immediately by firmly but calmly saying “no” or blowing a quick blast of air at your cat- not too hard, just enough to startle them.

3. Give Your Cat an Alternative Toy to Bite

To help your cat switch its focus away from biting your slippers, provide them with toys they can chew on and play with instead. Think of items that have a similar texture as your slippers, like a stuffed mouse or a knitted catnip toy.

4. Make Sure to Give Your Cat Plenty of Mental and Physical Stimulation

Sometimes cats can get your slippers because they are looking for something to do. Ensure your cat is getting enough mental and physical stimulation, such as toys and interactive activities. Exercise can also be a great way to channel your cat’s energy in a more positive direction.

5. Spend Time Playing With Your Cat

Playtime with your cat is an essential part of their daily needs. Spending time with your cat and playing together with toys can help nurture your bond with them. This can help reduce behavior problems such as biting your slippers.

6. Reinforce Positive Behaviors

Reward your cat whenever they leave your slippers alone. Praise them and offer treats or toys in exchange for positive behavior. This will help them to associate biting your slippers with negative outcomes, while leaving them alone with positive ones.


By following these simple tips, you can help your cat learn to leave your slippers alone. Remember to be patient and persistent as you work to curb this naughty habit. With the right tools, you and your cat will be on the path towards a more peaceful household in no time.

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