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How do I get my cat to stop biting my shoes?

How do I get My Cat To Stop Biting My Shoes?

It may be amusing to see your cat attacking, chewing and playing with your shoes, but it can quickly become a major source of annoyance. Cats have a natural instinct to bite and chew objects and their bite can be painful. But don’t worry, here are some tips to help put an end to your cat’s shoe chewing.

Redirect their Attention

  • Provide Toys – Cats love to play, so provide them with plenty of toys such as jingly balls, scratching posts and wand toys. When you see your cat going after your shoes, try to distract them with a toy of their own.
  • Create Stimulating Environments – Provide your cat with interesting, engaging toys and activities such as scratching posts and interactive feeders. By making the environment more stimulating, they’ll be less likely to become bored and turn to chewing your shoes.

Train Your Cat

  • Catch Them in the Act – If you see your cat chewing on your shoes, quickly pick them up and give them a gentle but firm “no.” This lets them know that chewing on your shoes is not allowed.
  • Reward Good Behavior – Reward your cat for any non-destructive play. Give them their favorite treat or toy and praise them for good behavior.
  • Ignore Unwanted Behavior – Don’t reward your cat for any destructive behavior by giving them attention or petting them. Instead, walk away and ignore them until they are engaging in the desired behavior.

By following these tips, you should be able to eventually train your cat to stop biting your shoes. It might take some patience, but eventually they’ll catch on that chewing your shoes isn’t allowed.

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