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How do I get my cat to stop biting my sheets?

How do I get my Cat to Stop Biting my Sheets?

If your cat is biting on your sheets, it can be a very frustrating problem. But fear not–by following these steps, you can get your cat to stop the destructive behavior.

1. Determine the Cause of the Biting

Before you can address the issue, you must figure out why your cat is biting the sheets. Some common reasons include:

  • Boredom. Cats need plenty of entertainment. If your cat is not getting enough stimulation, it will find ways to amuse itself, such as biting sheets, furniture, or other objects.
  • Attention. Cats may bite simply because they want attention. If you scold your cat or move it away when it is biting, this may reinforce the behavior.
  • Territory Marking. Cats may bite sheets to mark their territory with their scent.

2. Provide Stimulation and Attention

Once you have identified the trigger for your cat’s biting, the next step is to address it. If boredom is the cause, then provide your cat with interactive toys, scratching posts, and a secure outdoor space if possible. Make sure to devote plenty of time to playing with your cat and engaging with it.

3. Train Your Cat

You can also train your cat to stop biting sheets using positive reinforcement. Whenever your cat bites the sheets, discourage it with a firm “no” and then immediately give it a treat when it stops. This teaches your cat that biting the sheets is not tolerated, but it is rewarded for appropriate behavior.

4. Make the Sheets Unattractive

Finally, make the sheets unattractive. Apply a citrus-based cleaner or an artificial scent deterrent to the sheets. Cats don’t like citrus or artificial smells, so this should discourage the cat from biting the sheets.


By following the steps above, you can get your cat to stop biting your sheets. With patience and training, it can become a well-behaved, non-destructive member of your household once again.

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