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How do I get my cat to stop biting my pumps?

How to Stop Your Cat from Biting Your Shoes and Pumps

If your furry friend loves to chew on your high heels and pumps, you’re not alone. Cats have an odd habit of chewing on random objects including shoes, bags, and — you guessed it — your pumps.

Fortunately, there are a few approaches you can take to stop your fur baby from biting your footwear.

Set Up a Safe Place to Play

Cats love to play and burn off their excess energy. Provide your cat with several play items that won’t damage your home — such as toys, scratching posts, and tunnels — to give them a safe outlet to release their energy. This will also reduce the temptation of gnawing on your pumps.

Trim Your Cat’s Nails Regularly

Make sure your kitty’s nails are kept trimmed and rounded, which can help to reduce the damage that biting can cause. Ask your vet or a professional groomer for advice on how to safely trim your cat’s nails.

Spray The Shoes With Citrus Scent

Cats generally don’t like the smell of citrus, so you can use a citrus scented spray on your pumps and shoes to try and deter them from biting.

Distract the Cat

Whenever you see your fur baby about to bite, immediately distract them with a toy or game away from the shoes. With enough practice, your cat will eventually start associating the shoes with not being able to play.

Discourage the Behavior

If your cat still continues to bite your shoes, immediately discourage the behavior and give your cat a loud, firm “No”.

Additionally, you can use a water bottle or a noise-maker to distract them when they are doing something they should not be.


Cats have a tendency to bite shoes, pumps, and other items, but using the above methods will help to reduce the chance of your fur baby biting. However, if none of the approaches work, it might be best to consult a pet behaviorist for a professional solution.

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