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How do I get my cat to stop biting my high heels?

How to Get Your Cat to Stop Biting Your High Heels

Dealing with a mischievous cat can be a real challenge. If your feline friend has been biting your high heels, it’s time to figure out a way to stop the behaviour. Here are a few tips to help get your cat to keep their paws off your shoes:

1. Make sure it’s safe for your cat to play with

High heels are not only dangerous for your cat to chew on, but can also hurt their mouth. Make sure you only keep footwear in a safe location that your cat can’t reach.

2. Find an alternative toy

Many cats are attracted to the texture of shiny shoes because they like the feel of it in their mouth. To help redirect their behavior, offer an alternative toy that is safe for them to chew and that they can easily keep track of. Even a simple string toy will do the trick.

3. Give your cat positive attention

Sometimes cats simply want your attention, even if it comes from them biting and scratching at your high heels. To cajole them, give them positive attention in other ways such as petting them, speaking to them in a positive tone, and playing with them.

4. Give your cat a distraction

Provide your cat with plenty of activities and toys to keep them entertained and distracted. Different kinds of balls, stuffed animals, batting toys, and interactive toys are all good options.

5. Discourage biting behaviour

When you see your cat chewing on your high heels, give them a gentle ‘no’ and remove the shoes. If necessary, use a spray bottle with water or a loud noise to startle them away.

7. Reward good behaviour

When your cat is being good and not biting your high heels, be sure to reward them with treats and praises. This will help reinforce the good behaviour and remind them that it’s much more beneficial for them to keep their paws off your shoes.

By following these tips, you can help get your cat to keep their teeth to themselves when it comes to your favourite high heels!

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