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How do I get my cat to stop biting my flip flops?

How to Stop Your Cat From Biting Your Flip Flops

Cats love to chew and nibble on anything they can get their paws on. Unfortunately they don’t always understand when items they’re playing with aren’t safe or acceptable. If your cat is constantly biting your flip flops, here are some effective methods you can use to get them to stop:

Try to Understand the Reason

The first step to solving any behavior problem is understanding why your cat is exhibiting the behavior in the first place. Cats may bite their owners’ shoes for a variety of reasons, such as boredom, anxiety, or teething. Figuring out which is the underlying cause will allow you to more effectively address the behavior.

Provide Appropriate Toys

An easy way to distract your cat from biting your flip flops is by supplying them with stimulating and appropriate toys. This will provide them with a safe, alternate outlet for their enthusiasm and nibbling need.

Redirect the Cat

If you catch your cat in the act of biting your flip flops, it may not be too late to intervene and redirect their focus onto a more suitable activity. Try to redirect your cat’s attention onto a toy, or even a simple game of fetch.

Ignore Any Attention Seeking Biting

Some cats may bite out of attention seeking behavior. If this is the case, try your best to ignore the behavior and focus on rewarding them for when they’re behaving appropriately.

Use Bitterapple Spray

If all else fails, you may need to resort to a bitterapple spray. Simply spray a bit of the product onto the sole of your shoes as a deterrent. This should be enough to persuade your cat to direct their enthusiasm elsewhere.


Getting your cat to stop biting your flip flops may take some time and determination, however with consistent effort, you should soon see an improvement. In the meantime, try to remain patient and don’t forget to reward your kitty when they’re being good!

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