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How do I get my cat to stop biting my flip flops?

How To Stop Your Cat From Chewing On Your Flip Flops

Are your cat’s teeth wreaking havoc on your beloved flip flops? While it can be incredibly annoying, it’s important to understand that your cat’s chewing behavior is normal. Cats love to chew on items that are soft and pliable, like shoes, and they may find the same great joy in flip flops as they do in your slippers. While it can feel maddening, there are some simple steps you can take to put an end to your cat’s destructive chewing habits.

1. Create an Alluring Alternative

Cats have varying tastes when it comes to chewing, so it’s important to give your cat a suitable alternative to your beloved flip flops. Give your cat a wide range of chewable items, like kitty chew rings, cat grass, or even a catnip-stuffed toy. The goal is to offer your little furry friend some entertaining and tasty items that are safe to chew.

2. Play With Your Cat

Cats often resort to chewing to center themselves or relieve boredom. If you notice that your cat’s teething becoming a problem, why not use the opportunity to engage in a play session with your cat? Incorporate a variety of interactive toys (think feathers, laser pointers and fake mice) into your playtimes to keep your kitty entertained and interested.

3. Make Your Flip Flops Unappealing

As a last resort, it might be time to make your flip flops unappealing to your cat. Cats have an amazing sense of smell and may be less likely to chew on your shoes if they don’t smell very appealing. Try spraying your flip-flops with some bitter apple spray or citrus-based scent to deter your cat from chomping on your prized possessions.

Following these steps can help your put an end to your cat’s flip flop-chewing habits in no time. Remember to remain patient and avoid punishing your cat for exhibiting natural behavior. By providing an alternative outlet for your cat’s energy, you’re sure to get your flip flops out of harm’s way.

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