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How do I get my cat to stop biting my flip flops?

How to Stop Your Cat from Biting Flip Flops

Cats love to play and bite things, and sometimes those things happen to be your flip flops. While it may be frustrating for a cat-owner to have to deal with this type of behavior, there are actually a few simple steps you can take to help keep your cat and your shoes safe.

Provide Alternatives

Cats have an instinctive need to bite and chew on things and this behavior is especially true for kittens. To prevent your cat from biting your flip flops, try offering her some appropriate alternatives to chew on. Here are some suggestions:

  • Catnip toys: Catnip toys are a great way to provide your cat with something safe and interesting to play with.
  • Cardboard boxes: Cats love boxes, and they can be used to provide our cats with something to chew and bite on.
  • Vinyl tunnels: Vinyl tunnels can provide your cat with an interesting and safe place to play, hide and, of course, bite!
  • Feather toys: Feather toys are fun for cats to play with and can encourage them to bite, rather than flip flops.

Discourage the Behavior

When your cat is biting your flip flops, it’s important to discourage the behavior. There are a few simple steps you can take to do this:

  • Give your cat a ‘time out’: When your cat is biting your flip flops, give her a ‘time out’. Put your cat in a separate room for a few minutes to let her know that biting is not allowed.
  • Give your cat a squirt bottle: A squirt bottle filled with water can be used to discourage your cat from biting. Whenever your cat is near your flip flops, give her a spritz of water.
  • Make a loud noise: Making a loud noise such as clapping or shouting ‘NO’ can help your cat to understand that biting your flip flops is not allowed.


By providing your cat with appropriate toys to chew on and discouraging undesirable behavior with loud noises or a squirt bottle, you can help keep your cat and your flip flops safe and sound.

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