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How do I get my cat to stop biting my boots?

Why Does My Cat Bite My Boots?

Cats are born hunters and they like to investigate and explore their environment, biting your boots is a sign of play behavior that cats often use as a way to vent their natural instinct and get a bit of exercise.

What Can I Do To Prevent My Cat From Biting My Boots?

There are a few methods that you can try to stop your cat from biting your boots:

  • Provide other appropriate toys: Providing your cat with other toys directed at their instinctual need to hunt and bite can help redirect their behaviour and get them playing with something else.
  • Try a spray deterrent: Citrus-scented sprays or deterrents can help prevent your cat from biting your boots altogether by creating an area your cat doesn’t want to go near.
  • Redirect their behaviour: As soon as you see your cat go to bite the boot, you can try to distract your cat with something else such as a toy, or a treat.
  • Give them plenty of attention: Try spending more time playing with your cat and giving them positive reinforcement to keep their mind off the boots.


It is best to investigate the reasons why your cat is biting your boots, and then work on providing more appropriate toys, deterrents and attention to stop the behaviour. With patience and persistence your cat should eventually stop biting your boots.

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