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How do I get my cat to stop begging for food?

How to Stop Your Cat from Begging for Food

Understanding the Reasons

Why does it seem like your cat can’t ever get enough food? While it can be tempting to give in to your cat’s demands for more food, understanding the reasons behind their begging can help you control the behavior in the long run. Cats may beg for food for a variety of reasons. They may simply be hungry, or may be seeking attention from you. Whatever the cause, cats do not respond positively to shouting or scolding and so a different approach to addressing the issue is required.

How to Stop Your Cat Begging for Food

Follow these steps to help prevent your cat from begging for food:

  • Make sure your cat is getting enough exercise – A tired cat is less likely to beg for food. Interactive toys and play sessions that simulate hunting reinforces their instinctual behavior and can help channel their energy in a positive way.
  • Keep mealtimes consistent – Develop a consistent feeding schedule and try not to feed your cat too close to mealtimes. If they’re already full by the time they’re due to eat they won’t have time to beg.
  • Ignore any begging behavior – Ignoring your cat’s begging is the best way to teach them that it doesn’t work. Don’t respond no matter how loud they meow and your cat will soon stop.
  • Discourage a begging routine – Cats can quickly learn when it is time to beg for food. Stop responding to their cues and they won’t develop a begging pattern.
  • Reward good behavior – If your cat behaves calmly when you’re cooking or eating, reward them with a vocal praise to reinforce the positive behavior.


By following these steps you can teach your cat to stop begging for food. Remember to be consistent and patient, as it takes time for cats to learn new behavior. With patience, your cat will eventually stop begging for food and may even learn to be independent rather than dependent.

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